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Hard to believe this thing is 10 years old.


Every student was handed the same blueprint for this chair but, if I remember, we got to pick and choose which type of wood we’d like to use.

chair2This chair is made out of cherry with its inlays made from walnut, purple heartwood and South American bloodwood. No stain, just lacquer.

The bloodwood in particular I didn’t get from the school’s shop supply, but rather was donated to me by my brother.

Bloodwood is pretty cool. It’s very dense and sinks in water; it smells like a very mild incense when burning; and, hence its name, its sawdust can leave some dark red staining on other woods when sitting too long.

No, the chair’s not for sale. Just thought I’d show you an old, proud project for Throwback Thursday.

Considering that, these were also some of the first photographs I took with my first DSLR camera, a Nikon D60, way back in 2008.

I haven’t built anything in a long time though. If I had a chance to build another project, it would be a duct tape boat.

Forget about the MythBusters “Don’t try this at home” warning, it just seems like a pretty cool thing to ride.