Shane [SHAY-N] – A name of Irish and Hebrew origin. Variant of Sean, from John. (from thinkbabynames.com)

Flug [FLOO-G] – German for the word “flight.”

Why the blog [BLA-G] title? My own humourous way of coping with my last name being mispronounced [FLUH-G] a lot, as well as clearing the air.

Happy to see you here.

I am a writer, editor, web production dude, Twitter junkie and wearer of faux leather bomber jackets (appropriate given my aviation-related last name).

Born and raised in the southwest suburbs of Calgary, Alberta, I’m the younger of two children in a small working-class family.

As a bachelor of communication (journalism) graduate at Mount Royal University, I’ve been privileged to have told many local stories of the powerful, the oppressed, the disenfranchised and the impassioned.

I like to think I’ve made a well-rounded portfolio for myself. One day, I would cover civic affairs and stand among the large outlets in media scrums one day. Other days, I would sit one-on-one with everyday Calgarians in coffee shops, pubs or their homes doing soft features on topics such as a six-year-old child raising thousands of dollars for charity or how a fisherman’s small talk with a pub waitress about the pendant she was wearing led to a one-in-a-million reunion with his long-lost friend.

I’ve been taught and mentored by journalism professors whose bylines have appeared in Swerve, Avenue Magazine, Calgary Herald, Los Angeles Times, CBC, Alberta Views and National Geographic to name a few.

Presently, I’m the web producer and copy editor for two local alt-monthly music magazines, BeatRoute and Freq, working from home in a bit of an awkward setup in my laundry room (and that’s fine, it reminds me to stay somewhat caught up on that chore). Every quarter, I hammer away copy for a reputable renovations company’s external newsletter.

From late 2010 to early 2012, I served 16 months on the Calgary Journal‘s editorial board in a range of positions (both contract paid and as a part of student courses), starting from assistant web producer to my swan song as editor-in-chief (online).

In summer 2011, I had a brief taste of sitting inside a cool, cramped radio control room when CBC/Radio Canada‘s long-time call-in show, Cross-Country Checkup, was hosted here in Calgary for three weeks by guest host David Gray. Serving as one of the call screeners, I talked to callers all over the nation in a very fast-paced setting.

I gave back to my school by volunteering for my university alumni relations office’s student alumni chapter, which included a stint in the executive committee and also earned me a travel opportunity to the home of HBO series The Wire at Baltimore, Maryland. As well, I’d help out friends campaigning for a students’ association position by offering tips on poster design or by stapling posters with them on billboards whenever they asked.

Many adventures in journalism and writing await me yet, but it’s been a productive start. For example, I’ve never interviewed Oprah (that’d be something), but I’ve interviewed two people who appeared on Oprah.

I’ve told the stories of others for half a decade now, but this is my little slice of cyberspace to start telling a little more about my own (again). Whether you’ve worked with me, follow me or have been interviewed by me, if you’ve always been curious to know a bit more about the man behind the jacket and voice recorder, you’ve come to the right place.

P.S. I trust you can tell this is a personal blog, but I’ll waste your time anyway with the standard disclaimer: Views expressed in this blog are solely my own, and are in no way reflective of those of my employers, clients, peers or dirty laundry piles.

P.P.S. A good photo of me wearing a said jacket is on the to-do list.


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