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With this blog being brand new, it feels appropriate that my first question would revolve around… well… blogging.

It’s a bit flashy, maybe even busy, but what drew me to Greyzed was the appeal of the grungy, concrete-like background and the liner-note appearance: The background takes me back to days growing up playing on either concrete, rocks or asphalt a lot; hackey sack on streets or convenience store parking lots, basketball and ball hockey outside, rollerblading on sidewalks, rocky beaches skipping stones, and a time during the ’90s when school playgrounds still had those puny weeping tile pebbles that could occasionally pierce your skin when you fell off from the equipment high enough.

The liner notes represent, well, all those memo books I’ve used up during J-school.

My personal favourite colours are actually blue and black, but this still felt like the right fit for a personal blog.

My category list will be fairly minimal, and this being a personal blog, I feel no need for extra bells and whistles of sliders, extra columns, and so forth that themes such as Oxygen offer (two alt music magazines’ websites I manage use Oxygen). I feel this theme should do its job enough.

So what do you like about your theme? The look of it? How does it help fulfill your blog’s purpose? It can be your own personal/hobby one or a professional one that someone pays you money to manage.

I’m sure you know how the comment box below works. Also, I’ll nudge and encourage you to peek at “Bloggers I Know” to your left. There’s a sample of old J-school classmates’ own little slices of the blogosphere, as well as the two said websites that I manage.